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Who We Are

The Boiler Room is a volunteer-operated coffeehouse and social services hub dedicated to building community by providing a safe space for the growth and improvement of individuals.

We have expanded our programs to offer classes in life skills (“Adulting: How to Adult”), and formed a partnership with our neighbors at Northwind Arts that allowed us to offer monthly art lessons featuring artists such as Max Grover and Nhatt Nichols.

Additionally, in 2016 The Boiler Room was able to
• Serve 19,432 free meals to our community, including fresh local organic produce.
• Provide free access to birth control by distributing more than 6,000 free condoms.
• Provide extended training to our community, including courses in first aid, fire extinguisher usage, LEAN thinking, and nonviolent communication.
• Offer “suspended purchases” those who may not otherwise be able to afford a warm beverage. Anyone can prepay for a coffee or tea, and we’ll keep it on account until someone needs it.
• Participate in the Point In Time Count, providing a more accurate picture of homelessness in our community.

“The Boiler Room made me less of a jerk, taught me professionalism and how one is supposed to be in the work place, [how to] ask if you need help and how to resolve issues before they become a problem. I am less awkward socially. I feel like I’m part of a community.” –Michael D, age 22

What We Do

RESPECT is the major guiding principle of The Boiler Room. 

The majority of folks served by The Boiler Room are coffeehouse patrons. These patrons are encouraged to become volunteers. 

Today, "Boiler Room Kids" are students seeking high school diplomas, and college degrees; as well as doctors, lawyers, Grammy-winning musicians, authors, parents, design professionals, contractors, social workers, therapists, dancers, independent business owners, tech company executives, artists, professional athletes, service workers, tattoo artists, and executive directors!