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Volunteer Baristas are the CORE volunteers of The Boiler Room, keeping the place open and able to do all of the other fantastic things that it does! Volunteers work shifts that last between 2.5 and 3 hours from 7am to 10:30pm. We have staff meetings every Monday at 5 pm, and that's the place to sign up for training and for shifts--but arrangements can be made if you can't make it to all of the staff meetings. We have specific trainers for at least your first three shifts with us, and, as soon as you are signed off, you can choose to work with other volunteers. Volunteers must be 14 to work behind the counter, and must work with someone over the age of 18 until their 16th birthday. Other than that, volunteers come in all ages--our oldest volunteer to date was 84!

Our Volunteer Baristas are trained in:

--Coffee and espresso making skills

--Cash register operation

--Correct food handling and basic food safety and sanitation techniques

--Customer service and phone etiquette

--The importance of cleanliness, punctuality, and accountability

--Basic cooking and baking skills

--How to ask for help when needed

--How to interact appropriately with a diverse and changing population, including the homeless, tourists, business owners, neighbors and other volunteers

Often, people are able to use these new skills to improve their hireability and find employment in other customer service or food industry position. We are able to offer references for volunteers, and also can provide assistance with resume building and editing.


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